Aahana Naturopathy Center

Aahana-The Corbett wilderness is a luxurious resort with a Naturopathy, Panchakarma and Yoga Centre. It offers an entirely unique experience of luxury and health.

Aahana shares its boundary with Bijrani Zone, giving you a wonderful experience of the wilderness. The graceful forest nurtures a soft ambience in the resort resounding with over 100 species of birds.
It is a haven for tourists seeking a peaceful experience away from the hustle bustle of the city and into the heart of luxury and wilderness. The swaying grain growing in the nearby fields gives the air a sweet taste of the crop and a warm feel of the village.

We provide unique combinations of natural elements and try to keep you close to nature. Be it through yoga, bird watching, nature walks or at our Naturopathy centre, where we treat lifestyle disorders and various other diseases. It is simply designed for guests seeking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience through massages and various health routines. Aahana is an oasis for the body mind and soul where one can freely surrender to nature and refresh your mind and body; and relax your soul

The beauty of the experience is to wake up to the soft chirping of the birds, to breathe fresh air and to enjoy the peace and wilderness in the resort.

Aahana offers beautiful views of the forest and of the neighboring fields, depending on the room location. The resort is covered with blankets of green. The entire landscape is beautifully decorated with more than hundred plant species; the breeding of insects attracts more than hundred species of birds that are often spotted within the resort, making bird watching and nature walks even more fun and interesting. The resort offers activities for all age groups; complementary yoga sessions, naturopathy therapies, spa rituals, walking track, table tennis, badminton court, cricket ground, cardio gym, swimming pool, live singer/guitarist, herbal garden, and many more.

Aahana also has its own organic gardens, which bear exotic vegetables and herbs, which are used in our own kitchen. The resort also has a dairy farm and most of our dairy products are made from fresh cow milk to provide the best quality for our guests.

At Aahana we provide a perfect combination of luxury and wilderness to make your experience memorable and serene.